Say hello to yoga accessories, from yoga blocks to mediation pillows

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What do you need to practice yoga?

Determination. That’s all. I sometimes practice on my pajamas on the carpet, in the sand in my bikini and of course in my sports clothes on my mat. Beside determination you don’t need anything but that doesn’t mean that yoga accessories can’t boost your progress and make your practice safer.

Yoga mat

I wrote a complete post about how to choose a mat so here I simply want to say that if you plan to buy only one yoga stuff than start with a mat.

Yoga blocks

An accessory that is often used, comes with many functions. It helps with the correct performance of yoga poses, for example you can make sure your thighs are activated when they have to be. You can also count on it when your hands or bottom doesn’t reach the ground in a pose and it helps you bridge that gap.

What can you use instead?

Books! I’ve been practicing for years with Steinbeck’s East of Eden. It took ma relationship with that writer to a new level.

Why is it better if you have a yoga block?

It doesn’t slip, it doesn’t move and depending on where you are at with your practice you’ll find it useful because you can turn it in the way to fill in the distance that is missing at the time. Standing, laid, in the side, what you need at the time. My little block is from Yoganic. 


It may seem like the least interesting accessory but it often comes in handy during class. It helps you experience the real feel of a yoga pose when you can’t reach it yet. It makes it easier to perform an exercise with good posture and it helps with stretching.

What can you use instead?

Towel, the strap of your gown, any belt that is not pierced or can injure you.

Why is it better if you have a strap?

People live and progress without a strap but I really like that I can measure with it exactly how I progress. From its settings you can see when you get closer to your goal and I admit I shamelessly mark with a pen where my hand was on the strap the last time. It occupies just a little place, it doesn’t slip and can be used in multiple ways. I have this item, it’s undestroyable.

Yoga wheel

I’ve only had one for just a few months and to be honest I always thought about it as ‘nice to have’. But then this beauty arrived and it opened up new dimensions. First of all, if you tend to shrug your shoulders in stressful situations, you sit a lot or your back hurts because of days with little movement then you’ll be good friends with it. Beside, if your back is less flexible – I know mine is – then you’ll be amazed how helpful it is in mending it. You can also use it for all kinds of exciting strengthening and balancing exercises.

What can you use instead?

With easy backbends, pillows, blanket under your back.

Why is it better if you have a yoga wheel?

As a champion of slouching I spend a few minutes with it every day and the stress in my back disappears instantly. Since I’ve been using it I really feel this is the accessory I was least able to replace. If you like chest openings and backbends you’ll quickly become friends.

Meditation pillow

Meditation pillow helps you do your meditation practice comfortably with the correct posture. So when the daily chores or the most random thoughts come at you during meditation at least you won’t be distracted by how uncomfortably you sit.

What can you use instead?

With a blanket or pillow. Or by meditating where you can lean your back to something. This can be the wall or the backrest of your sofa.

Why is it good if you still get a meditation pillow?

I owe you a confession, I don’t have a meditation pillow. For me most sitting meditation poses are comfortable. If they are not comfortable for you try a meditation pillow the next time you are in a yoga studio. An advantage of it can be that you have a fix, calming accessory that helps you get into the mood for meditation. There is a seating on my little mediation corner every time I look at it during the day it puts a smile on my face. And it’s also a good reminder not to skip my daily meditation. A comfy meditation pillow can also do this for you.

Shall you set off to shop?

Based on the above think about what you would really use. Don’t put a burden on neither your wallet nor the environment unnecessarily As I said these accessories help boost your progress, make your practice safer or will look at you from the corner to remind you it’s time for practice. But I still say that the only thing you need to start yoga is your determination.


Say hello to yoga accessories, from yoga blocks to mediation pillows