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What do you need to practice yoga? Determination. That’s all. I sometimes practice on my pajamas on the carpet, in the sand in my bikini and of course in my sports clothes on my mat. Beside determination you don’t need anything but that doesn’t mean that yoga accessories can’t boost your progress and make your […]

Why do we need sleep? Yes, there are reasons beyond ‘sleeping is good’. Let’s see the most important ones. Newly learned things are ingrained during sleep Have you ever been told before an exam to sleep on what you learned? They were right! Sleep is the key element of our learning and memory. This is […]

Why is it important for you to understand? You can mumble namaste at the end of the class and hurry to the changing room without this blog but I promise you it will feel much different once you know what it means. You’ll most probably come across the next expressions if you start yoga and […]

Your yoga mat is a place, not an object The first thing that hit me when I decided I would write about choosing yoga accessories was that my yoga mat is not an accessory. My mat, with its human-sized space is a shelter. I come here to calm down, battle with internal and external obstacles, […]

I will not take your dessert away I love to eat and I’m not writing this to forbid you having a Sunday roast. On the contrary! I’m writing this so you can find more pleasure in food and recognize when it is not hunger but your emotions making you open the fridge. If you sit […]

It’s not what it seems to be When I say journaling most of us envision a lady from the 19th century as she is detailing her moderately exciting love life through many pages. Are you ready to rethink this picture? Imagine Marie Curie, Albert Einstein or the successful businessman John D. Rockefeller. Yes, they too […]

The harder you work, the less efficient you become We have this modern myth that the harder we work the more successful we become. The road to our goals is paved with 12 hour workdays, working on weekends and not taken holidays. The more we grind our teeth in being exhausted, the tougher and more […]

Do you want to change your life? Change your habits Why is it habits that can help you? A research by Duke University found that in more than 40% of our daily actions there is no decision making. We carry them out almost automatically without thinking about them, meaning they are habits. There is no […]

What’s wrong with self-confidence? Self-confidence is great. It strengthens us in our values, protects us from our cruel inner critiques and from the often merciless outside feedbacks. How could this be bad for you? One of the cornerstones of our performance-oriented, individualistic Western value system is self-confidence and the logic that if you believe you […]

Negative thoughts and reality I can’t stand in front of an audience. I got this promotion by pure luck, I was in the right place at the right time. They only complimented me out of courtesy. 70% of our spontaneous thoughts are negative. It that was not enough we tend to hang onto some our […]