MINDFUL Thoughts


What do you need to practice yoga? Determination. That’s all. I sometimes practice on my pajamas on the carpet, in […]

Why do we need sleep? Yes, there are reasons beyond ‘sleeping is good’. Let’s see the most important ones. Newly […]

Why is it important for you to understand? You can mumble namaste at the end of the class and hurry […]

Your yoga mat is a place, not an object The first thing that hit me when I decided I would […]

I will not take your dessert away I love to eat and I’m not writing this to forbid you having […]

It’s not what it seems to be When I say journaling most of us envision a lady from the 19th […]

The harder you work, the less efficient you become We have this modern myth that the harder we work the […]

Do you want to change your life? Change your habits Why is it habits that can help you? A research […]

What’s wrong with self-confidence? Self-confidence is great. It strengthens us in our values, protects us from our cruel inner critiques […]

Negative thoughts and reality I can’t stand in front of an audience. I got this promotion by pure luck, I […]

What does work stress do to us? Let’s start be setting it straight that occasional stress is not a problem. […]

What does our smartphone have to do with us buying less chewing gum? Have you ever caught yourself zooming out […]