Meet yourself on the yoga mat!

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Being a modern person is really hard. Beside your schedule your thoughts are overflowing too and you carry stress with you between work and home as if it were a bag matching all your clothes. You have trouble concentrating all day and then you end up losing sleep at night running through all the to do-s you didn’t do because of the constant hurrying.

When you happen to not be in your head then your waist hurts of all the sitting or you’re rubbing your eyes after looking at a screen all day.

I’ve got good news for you.

You are not your bad habits and anxieties. You don’t have to change. You need to find yourself. Form good habits. Exercise your body and mind. Prioritise your own wellbeing. You need tools to handle modern challenges.

We’ll get help from yoga, mindfulness and psychology so you can bring out the best in you. Your life will probably remain crazy but maybe also crazy happy and crazy satisfying too thanks to our common effort.

What will this blog be about?

  1. Self-care, How to nurture your mind and soul so life is good on the yoga mat and outside of it too. We’ll make some space for you on your priority list.
  2. Exercise. How to move your body to alleviate the tension built up by sedentary lifestyle and stress. I hope you’re okay with also becoming stronger and more flexible.
  3. Practical methods. Breathing exercises, meditation and forming new habits will not deter us so you can sleep better, have less anxiety and get rid of stress.
  4. Community. It’s not stress and back pain that connect you with the people who’ve been here before you but it’s the determination to do something for yourself. You want to be calmer, more focused, more resilient and stronger. We’ll be a secret little society who help each other along this way.

Enough of reading, let’s move over to the mat, shall we?

Write me on email or on instagram and we’ll figure out how to start.

Meet you on the Moon!


Meet yourself on the yoga mat!